Simple, not simplistic.

Most visual analytics tools are too simplistic to reveal the insights you need. Qlik’s platform approach lets you see the whole story that lives in your data, simply.

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Complex BI, made simple.

Qlik Sense enables you to easily perform more complex analysis that finds the hidden insights typically overlooked by other tools. Delivered straight to your fingertips, anywhere, on any device.

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The Complete BI Portfolio on mobile devices

See the whole story that
lives within your data

Unlike most tools that are limited by predefined hierarchies or preconceived notions of how data should be related, Qlik lets you finally understand and explore how it truly is related.

Technology does matter. Qlik’s associative model powered by its patented QIX engine, enables you to probe all the possible associations that exist in your data, across all of your data sources.

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The QIX engine can highlight insights that a user may be totally unaware of by allowing them to also see data they did not select.

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Tableau: Linear Data Visualization
Qlik: Associative Visual Analytics

A platform for visual analytics, not a tool.

Don’t get stuck with a limited data visualization tool. Qlik’s platform-based approach supports a full spectrum of visual analytics use cases, so you can add, extend and customize your solutions as your business needs change. Because you know they will.

Technology does matter. Qlik Sense Enterprise enables centrally deployed guided analytics, self-service data discovery, embedded analytics and reporting.

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A platform for visual analytics, not a tool
BI Score

Qlik earned a trendsetter ranking – the highest achieved by any vendor – in the BARC BI Score 2015 report.

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Most seasoned users of BI technologies will know that future needs can never really be anticipated, and so it's best to have an open architecture, and in this respect Qlik Sense truly excels.

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Trust your data. Trust your decisions.

Most tools ignore the complexity of self-service across complicated data stores, leaving you with chaos and questions. Qlik Sense was designed to give you the best of both worlds – agile self-service, built on trusted, re-usable libraries of governed data models and assets. Now you can trust your analysis, and the decisions based on it.

Technology does matter. IT and business can create approved data models, visualizations, formulas, etc., all shared via governed libraries. The Qlik Sense Management Console (QMC) provides a central point of management, monitoring and governance.

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Agility shouldn’t equate to chaos. Do you trust your data?

One of Qlik’s most attractive qualities is its ability to offer the best of both worlds: IT governance and end-user flexibility.

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Success with business intelligence relates powerfully and directly to an organization’s state of data and ability to act on insight.

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